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If you’ve been putting in the time at the gym, staying consistent and giving it your all during each workout you do, it’s time you stepped up your game and found a workout partner. Nothing makes it easier to do just that than Gym Comrade. What is this new app and how will it help?
Let’s go over what you should know.

What Gym Comrade Is

If you’ve been on the hunt for a gym partner for some time, you know that it’s not easy to find someone you truly connect with. When seeking out a gym partner, you need someone who tends to workout at the same time you do, someone of around the same skill level as you, and it also helps if they have similar training philosophies as you.

Just as with dating, sometimes you may meet up with your gym partner, only to find that you are definitely not a match made in heaven. Both of you may like to workout, but your personalities just don’t jive with each other.

Back to the drawing board you go.

With Gym Comrade however, now you can have a number of potential gym partners right at your fingertips. Much as online dating has led to many successful marriages, Gym Comrade is an iPhone and Android app that promises to make finding that one perfect workout partner that much easier.

You can set your gym location and you’ll be met with numerous people who are all looking to partner up and get their workouts in.

How Gym Comrade Will Help

So how does this benefit you? First, it’s time efficient. Finding a gym partner on your own can take quite a bit of time and searching. Gym Comrade makes this easy.

Second, Gym Comrade also allows you to easily communicate with your new partner to arrange your workout times.

This helps ensure that both of you will show up for your sessions together. As you may have experienced before, nothing is more frustrating than a partner who isn’t showing up for your scheduled workouts together.

Would you continue to date someone who constantly stood you up? Clearly not, so why are you allowing a gym partner this privilege.

Gym Comrade reduces the chances this happens and if it does, allows you to find someone else who is more in alignment with your motivation levels.

So pick up Gym Comrade and get ready to give your workouts a boost. You’ll have more fun when you find the perfect partner, making your workouts that much more enjoyable.


Find Gym Partners Near You

Sign up and login to view your location on a map and potential gym partners near you. Simply click on a potential gym partner and send them an invite to be their gym comrade. If you can't find any gym partners, please share with friends and family to encourage more people to join the Gym Comrade community.

Find Gyms Nears You

Sign up and login to view your location on a map and view gyms near you. Simply click on a gym and click yes to add the gym to your list of gyms ("My Gyms" in the left hand menu).

Chat With Gym Comrades

Once a potential gym partner has accepted your invitation you can then chat to each other to organise your next workout. In order to do this click on "Gym Comrades" in the left menu and click on the "Chat" button to initiate a chat and write your message. We encourage professional communication between our members but each member can block or remove another member at any time if they find the communication is not acceptable.

Help & Support

#1 What happens if there are no gyms or gym partners in my area?
Gym Comrade is constantly adding new gyms and encourage new members to share with friends and family to help build the Gym Comrade community. Please feel free to contact us to suggest gyms in your area.

#2 Why do I see advertising in the app?
The app is free and therefore funded through advertising. A possible paid version or in-app purchase may be available in the future for those who wish to remove the advertising.


Version 1.0

Released on August 28th, 2014
  • Fix None - First release

Version 1.1

Released on September 9th, 2014
  • Fix Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

Released on October 24th, 2014
  • Fix Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3

Released on October 1st, 2015
  • Fix Major bug fixes & complete app rebuild


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