iOS In-App Promotional Offers

Free to download and use!

The iOS version of Gym Comrade now comes with two in-app promotions available to purchase.

Promote Yourself Offer

In order to purchase this offer click on "In-App Purchase" in the main left navigation menu to display the following:

in-app purchases

The "Promote Yourself" offer is available to purchase for 1 week at $4.49, 2 weeks at $5.99 or a month at $9.99. Why should you promote yourself? Well based on many users feedback we wanted to provide the capability of placing an advertisement for those wanting to find a specific type of gym partner (such as one that can perform spotting for a heavy weightlifter that requires someone that can support a specific weight). Your purchase will then allow you to have your ad displayed as an overlay to users in your area in map view whilst also being promoted above the users listed in list view. Once the offer is purchased complete the ad text you want to appear under your profile screen. Other users that then see your ad and wish to contact you can then message you directly and instantly.

An example of the overlay box that will appear in map view and list view is below:

Promote Yourself Offer

Instant Direct Message Offer

For those users that do not want to wait for your potential gym partners approval response, you can now bypass the process by purchasing points to message potential gym partners instantly. This will make the process quicker and hopefully help you find your gym partner much more quickly.

Instant Message Promotional Offer

By purchasing 10 points for $4.49 you can message 10 potential gym partners instantly (1 point per message). After purchasing this offer your remaining points balance will be displayed within your profile screen. To send a message simply find a user using map or list view and click on the message icon and a prompt similar to below will ask whether you would like to use your points now or not:

Instant Message Promotional Offer

Please note that the intention of this offer is not for it to be abused as users can still block those that misuse it. Gym Comrade also reserves the right to remove any users that are reported as misusing the instant message feature.