Best Gym Exercises To Do With A Partner

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Gearing up for a workout with your gym partner? If so, don’t neglect some of the partner based exercises you can be doing.

Too many people workout with a partner, but still do the normal solo exercises they’ve trained with all their lives – bench press, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, and so on.

While there’s nothing wrong with including those in as well, it’s important not to overlook other activities you can do now that you have someone by your side.

Here are a few of the best gym exercises you can do with your gym partner.

Side To Side Medicine Ball Toss

The side to side medicine ball toss is perfect for hitting those oblique’s, trimming your midsection. Stand back to back with a partner, one of you holding an exercise ball right in front of you.

From there, twist to one side of the body while your partner twists to the opposite and then pass the ball off to them.

From there, immediately twist to the other side as they do the same, passing the ball back. Continue on until all reps are completed and then switch sides and repeat.

Wall Squat With A Tricep Dip

Another move to try out with your partner is the wall squat with triceps dip. One of you is to move into a wall squat position, holding for as long as possible.

Your partner now uses your thighs as a bench to perform tricep dips off of. Be sure that if you are the wall squat partner you let them know when you need to rise up so they can stop their exercise as well.

Once all reps are completed, switch roles and repeat.

Partner Press With A Row

Finally, a partner press with a row is a great way to work both your back and chest in one move.

Stand a few feet apart, both of you facing one direction. Hold a resistance band in each hand, each of you holding either end. Now one of you should row the band towards your chest while the other presses the band directly forward in a chest press motion.

Do this at the same time to keep things coordinated. Once all reps are completed, switch positions and repeat.

So next time you’re heading into the gym, give one of these three exercises a try. They’ll challenge you in ways traditional gym exercises would not.